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Sunday, 3 April 2016

PS.Detail: Neat Edges

PS.Detail: Neat Edges
The Veel Liefs square label (Joy!Crafts 6002/0403) has a tiny green outline. Obviously it's a green square under the label. It's cut to the size with a guillotine, which already produces quite a neat edge. However I find that a little bit more attention to such edges brings them to a remarkably new level.
Score the straight edges.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Double-sided Tape for Letters and Intricate Die Cuts.

Sample Joy!Crafts 6002/0133

How to Make Holes Meet. Tags.

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PS.Detail: Dimensional Laque and Cameo Punches

PS.Detail Dimensional Laque, Cameo Punches, SCOR-BUG Embosser:

Royal Coat Dimensional Magic
The Button look is achieved by applying transparent Royal Coat Dimensional Magic laque. It dries clear and adds dimension and shine.
Cameo Punches from Nellie Snellen
The lovely cameos are made with Cameo Punches from Nellie Snellen. The detail I want to draw your attention to, though, is the pierced edge of one of the layers. One way to create this effect is to use a special ruler with holes. I had done it for ages before I got myself a nice little tool called SCOR-BUG Embosser. A lot faster! :) And just as good looking.

PS. Detail: Tiny Label Outline

PS. Detail: Tiny Label Outline
If you look closer at the Sweet label, you'll notice a very thin red outline.
Marianne Design Petra`S Ornaments Creatables Lr 0279
Obviously this cannot be done by hand. Well, at least certainly not by my hand. :-) The trick how to create this effect I learned from Sue Wilson (Creative Expressions). In short - you die cut two identical labels in different colors (red and white in my case) Cut the one that goes under in the middle, just with scissors, in a straight vertical line. See? There, on the very top of the label? The red one is split under there!
Marianne Design Petra`S Ornaments Creatables Lr 0279
A tiny little bit that you would not even notice unless you look for it. The halves of the red label are shifted to the sides to look out a little from under the white one.